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Anti Slip Self Adhesive Grip Tapes

We have been providing for years high quality, self adhesive nonslip tapes in affordable prices. These can come in any shape and colour on demand to meet customer specifications. Our non slip tapes have been tried and tested for durability and effectiveness across a massive range of diverse applications.

Non slip tapes and nonslip materials prevent accidents due slippage, because of steep slopes, slippery stairs or wet surfaces.

Our range of non slip tapes is massive and includes:
  • Aqua Safe - Ideal for bathrooms, swimming pools, kitchens or any wet floor. This tape also has a smoother surface so is suitable and comfortable for bare feet.
  • Conformable Non Slip Tape - This tape has a built in aluminium stripe along its centre allowing you to bend or hammer it into shockets or around corners while maintaining the shape of the surface which stuck.
  • Extra Course Non Slip Tape - A particularly heavy grip for more demanding applications.
  • Glow in the dark Non Slip Tape - Ideal for stair edges. It is not only antislip but also glows in the dark showing you where the stairs are.
  • Resilient – Flexible tape for various applications.
  • Standard Non Slip Tape - Available in many colours and widths, in high quality self-adherence.