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Extruded Rubber Profiles

Extruded rubber profiles cover a wide range of metal construction applications. Gaskets are usually used on the edges of these constructions, mainly for sealing. They can be applied either clasp or in direct conctact on the construction. Applications are found in doors and windows of buildings, vehicles, furnaces, etc.

They are constructed from various elastomers depending on the requirements. Their tolerances are based primarily on internationally accepted standards, DIN 7863 (Germany), CIMUR (France) and Naama SG-1-70 (USA).

Rubber gaskets seal off air, moisture and fluids. They also provide sound insulation and heat loss reduction. They need to have appropriate touch to fully contact the metal surfaces for a long time, resistance to weathering resulting of low or high temperatures and special environments.

Nikos Benos Company produces any type of rubber gasket sealings and various customized products as silicone ones, heat resistant, oil proof etc.